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And here's a
breakdown of the ghost possession round ...

1. DomCasual possesses dark_hawk and hits Hotrod.
2. Conklin hits cbs1177
3. Claviculasolomnis hits Smalltowngrll.
4. Majik possesses Tribester and hits TheDave.
5. Bizzybone7 takes over cbs1177 and clobbers CBF1 twice with the cursed clippers.
6. 24Champbailey takes over Bronco Yoda and eventually hits dark_hawk.
7. Punisher takes over CBF1 and hits cbs1177 twice with the cursed clippers.
8. Gunns hits Hotrod.
9. TD30 takes over TheDave and hits CBF1.
10. TheDave hits Claviculasolomnis.
11. minibronco announced possession of Anubis. (never voted though, so possession was ineffective).
12. Momof2littlebroncos takes over Hotrod, and hits Claviculasolomnis.
13. Broncobiv takes over ApaOps5 and hits Hotrod.
14. CBF1 hits cbs1177 twice.
15. dark_hawk hits cbs1177.
16. JCMElway hits Gunns.
17. Jens1893 hits Gunns.
18. Hotrod hits TheDave.
19. OSKIE!!! hits Tribester
20. BMFBronco hits OSKIE!!!
21. Anubis hits Smalltowngrll (this counted due to failure of minibronco to announce target)
22. Crushaholic hits Hotrod
23. Tribester hits claviculasolomonis.
24. Bronco Yoda hits claviculasolomonis.
25. Missingnumber7 hits Hotrod
26. TheSportsguru hits Hotrod
27. Smalltowngrll hits Hotrod
28. Falconer hits Hotrod
29. cbs1177 tried to abstain.

("Humans" who were possessed by ghosts had their votes overruled.)
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