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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post
Yeah...on a guy who clearly wasn't interested. Whoever the team playing Roy was should sign Mike Vernon for a game so he can kick his ass just like he kicked his old man's.

I hate that. If a guy clearly doesn't want to dance you don't just skate all the way down to his crease and start throwing bombs. I understand how heated it gets, but geez...he acted like his old man in a Colorado Springs barroom.

Word is the other goalie was running his mouth talking shyt that's why roy jr was pissed i don't care what anybody says any team loves to have a goaltender with that kinda fire defending your net. He will most likely get the hammer lowered on him via suspension it just would have been a bit better if the other tender would have backed up his talk with something other than the ragdoll routine.(kinda chicken shyt if you ask me)
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