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This one's for Pat!
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Pat Bowlen

A lot of Rockies stuff in one article.

Jayson Nix likely wins the starting 2B job, with classy Marcus Giles either getting traded (unlikely) or released.

Kip Wells sucks.

The last rotation spot is likely down to Morales and Redman - my guess is that it will be Redman.

Just a few more days!

Nix looks set; Wells to bullpen

TUCSON The Rockies moved closer to finalizing their rotation Sunday by shifting Kip Wells to the bullpen, and all but declared Jayson Nix the starter at second base by cutting ties with Marcus Giles.

Technically, the Giles matter remains unresolved, but the Rockies are attempting to trade him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Giles told teammates goodbye after the Rockies' 8-2 victory over the Dodgers at Hi Corbett Field. He is pulling for a trade, revealing that he would not accept a Triple-A assignment.

"No, I won't be going to the minors, but I can't thank this organization enough for giving me a chance when teams weren't exactly beating my door down," Giles said. "I feel like I am stronger than I have ever been.

"But Nixy showed he's ready. He's a great guy, a great teammate, and I am not surprised they are going in that direction."

When asked if Nix had won the job, manager Clint Hurdle said he wasn't prepared to say that. However, Nix's play he is hitting .286 after doubling against the Dodgers and had a terrific defensive stab going to his left in the sixth inning has made it fairly obvious.

"He has been gaining momentum from the start," Hurdle said. "He barreled up another ball today, and defensively he's got a lot of confidence."

Wells ranks among one the camp's biggest disappointments. Guaranteed $3.1 million as a free agent, the right-hander has been unable to limit traffic on the bases. He worked four innings Sunday, his outing cut short because the Rockies had told him he was moving to a relief role to work out some kinks.

That leaves left-handers Franklin Morales and Mark Redman as the leading contenders for the final two rotation spots, with Josh Towers also in the mix.

"As you move forward in spring training, you find ways to help the player and you also find ways to help your team get out of the blocks," Hurdle said after the Rockies routed the Dodgers. "He could go in, along with (Taylor) Buchholz and (Matt) Herges, as a multiple-inning guy."
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