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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
NEW YORK/TORONTO (March 15, 2008) -- Anaheim Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger has been suspended for eight games, without pay, for acting carelessly and recklessly in an incident against the Vancouver Canucks in NHL Game #1062 on March 12.
its about time somebody spoke about the double standard

In the National Hockey League there are two sets of standards: one for the star players and one for everyone else.

At least that is the opinion of Minnesota forward Chris Simon after Anaheim defencemen Chris Pronger was given an eight-game suspension for stomping on the leg of Vancouver forward Ryan Kessler.

"I think it's definitely not fair," Simon told the Minnesota Pioneer-Press. "My opinion is there's obviously two sets of rules."

Simon, himself, was suspended for 30 games back in December for stomping on the ankle of Pittsburgh forward Jarkko Ruutu. It was the longest suspension in the NHL history.

Dont get me wrong simon is a douche, but hes 100 percent correct here, you would almost think he is being treated like hes a flyer.
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