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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
You know, I haven't been able to see too many Flyers games this season....but each time I have, they've not only lost but looked absolutely terrible in doing so.

Today is no, this team is very hard to watch

I can't help but to wonder if they're even going to make the playoffs now, much less do anything in them.

2 years away bro (if we get a legit Goalie at some point). They are very much like watching the Broncos this year. So much youth, so much upside talent, yet, they don't know how to finish wins. It's all good. I'm not sure if I even want them to make the playoffs at this point. I so want Stevens gone it's not even funny. If we make the playoffs, he will not get fired. If we collapse, he might. I want them to make the second season but I can't stomach the idea of another year with John focking Stevens.

Christ, add Umberger and Upshall to the injured list. Whatever.
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