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Miss I

Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
Dude WTF are you talking about? When did I ever "threaten" you, and who told you I did? I've made like 6 posts in this entire thread, and none of them had anything to do with you. In the Blue Tiger PM's discussing voting strategy, I never once suggested that we vote you off (unless you count me suggesting that we vote off a "veteran" in Round 3, but I hardly think that you're the only veteran on your team).

Here's a FACT that you can take to the bank. Last night, before I cast my round 3 vote for you (ensuring that you would get immunity), someone came to me suggesting that I vote for "Mom" instead. That would help HER get immunity and have YOU voted off. Well, I didn't. I stuck to the original plan and voted for you so Mom would get booted. I guess I made a poor choice. I should've helped vote you off since you're sitting up there on your pedestal like a prick attacking me for no damn reason.

I have no idea from who or where you're getting your information from, but it's flat out wrong. Your misinformation will be the death of you (I can only pray), and since I got taken out along the way for no ****ing reason, oh well. Way to waste a round, Orange Dragon a-holes. I didn't even have any alliances or anything (on either team). I could have proved to be useful down the road. Well too late now. Enjoy the rest of the "game".

kiss me. Ands suck it. Well both really.

P.S. STG I guess you were wrong that I wasn't a target last round (or you were just lying to me). Either way, **** it, I'm out.

EDIT: "Kiss me"? Weird filter...
that whas I call a melt down

By the way it was just a joke
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