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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
but the reason a lot of teams in the U.S. have low attendance is because they're competing with other sports like the NFL, MLB, and NBA..Canada doesn't
ok pittsburgh, yes they have nfl but after january for the last 5 years what the heck has everybody been doing, cuz it sure wasnt going to the games ?

nashville same thing ?

oh and for the record toronto has a nba team, and they do just as well as the leafs, and we all know how bad the leafs have been for a long time.

it just bugs me when things are done to save teams and keep teams in places that could honestly care less about them, yet things are done to prevent a team being put where the fans have a general passion for the game, the game is being changed to try and get new fans in and its alienating the old fans.

see champ i told ya not to get me going, oh and for the record i never singled out LA, i merely pointed out that one of the teams had to go. end rant peace out.
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