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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Worse game played thus far Q clearly didn't have these guys ready (again)
Nonsense. The game against Detroit a couple of weeks ago was pathetic. The Avs game out sluggish...not moving their feet, and they got pounced by a reeling Stars team. Leopold had to leave after being charged by Ott. (It's illegal to leave your feet when checking). Then when Salei went to confront Ott he got head butted (unintentional) by the crown of Ott's helmet. Altitude zoomed in on it, and you could Ruslan was hurt before Ott threw a punch. But after getting down early...they continued to try.

Just another reason why it's stupid to sit Parker. Although Cody McCormick is more than capable of handling Steve Ott (He didn't). Q can go **** himself for sitting Parker. He's every bit as productive as Hlinka.
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