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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
I'm not gonna argue with you, you guys live and die by hockey (not a bad thing) so i wont argue..but the reason a lot of teams in the U.S. have low attendance is because they're competing with other sports like the NFL, MLB, and NBA..Canada doesn't so when a team isn't doing so well in the States its no surprise, fans just watch the other home team like LA, the kings suck so they watch the Lakers...who else does Calgary or Edmonton or Vancouver etc. have to watch if there not doing so one, so people go to the games anyways cause there isn't anyone else to root for..if Calgary had an NBA team and they were good and the Flames sucked i bet the NBA team would have a higher attendance rate..maybe, hockey is religon up there!!
Hockey is the Nascar of Canada. BTW if you are insinuating that LA has poor attendance. You'd be wrong. It was mentioned in an article not too long ago that the Kings get 16,000 seats filled on average this year.

Chadta is right about Anaheim, they don't have much of a hard-core following and the barbecue they had to celebrate their Cup win was pathetic. 15,000 people didn't show up Chadta, they didn't even have a ****ing parade.

Now if LA won the cup, it would be different because the Kings have been around in LA for 40 years. You'll all see in a few years...
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