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Rubin Carter

I'm with you guys all the way on this one. My younger brother got me hooked on it from the first episode. My wife wouldn't watch it the first three seasons, but she caught an episode at the start of season four and we went out and bought the first three seasons on DVD so she could catch up. Best show on television ever, IMHO. Sad to see it end. Looks like the creative team behind it has a new series coming to HBO later this year called "Generation Kill" based on the book by Evan Wright, an embedded reporter from Rolling Stone. I've just finished reading Wright's book after reading the book "One Bullet Away" written by Nathaniel Fick (the Marine Recon Company's Commander to whom Wright was assigned). As a former Recon Marine, I consider these two books (when combined) to be the finest accounting (especially when read back to back, start with Fick's first) of modern infantry combat I've ever read. I'm really looking forward to the series. In the hands of "The Wire"'s writing and directing team, it should be nothing short of outstanding. Can't wait.

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