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Originally Posted by Natedogg View Post
I really see no good reason why avatars are banned. It seems to me that mandatory photobucket linking should be no problem (just like sigs).

Perhaps there is a non technical reason...
Sup, dawg ...

Admittedly the site has had very heavy traffic lately, mid-season type traffic. But I had always heard exactly what you said - that off-site image hosting is NOT a resource-hog. I dunno what TJ's thinking ... he keeps dodging these threads. I wish he'd just give us a number, whatever it is - $600, even $1200, whatever it costs to upgrade the server .. and then we could try to raise the money with a fundraiser.

Or better yet let's ask broncosteven ... he had some involvemnt in hooking us up with a server before, so maybe he has some answers.
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