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Well Dilbeck doesn't have a clue about the Kings CLEARLY and I read that article a couple days ago.

If you want actual intellegent articles on the Kings, then look up Rich Hammond. This Dilbeck guy doesn't know anything about what AEG has done for the Kings, and compared to past ownerships, AEG puts a ton of resources into the Kings. They literally buillt and bought the minor league system (Two minor league teams in Manchester, Reading with a hockey team in Europe as well). Built Staples Center and as well built state of the art practice facilities for the Kings.

Then they hired a GM that knows how to build an actual team with his expertise being in the draft and prospects. Building the team from the ground up and for this moron to state we should start all over and have an owner that will do what the Kings have done in the 80s by trading all of our assets and picks for washed up veterans. We could have had Ray Bourque etc from those high draft picks. I don't want to go back to these eras.

Don't forget, they also hired Luc Robitaille, a well known reputable hockey face, as president of sports business operations.

Dilbeck needs to get off his ass and do some actual research on owners and what they have contributed to the Kings...
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