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Originally Posted by smalltowngrll View Post
Tolerance We have no tolerance! We are completely incapeable of working together! Noone will listen, noone will make a decision, noone will do anything. Everyone claims ignorance. I think we all really are ignorant! We might as well just give up and hand over the reigns to the Orange team.

Let me explain a few things...

CBF1 starts the freaking game off while on vacation! He can't even seem to return pm's and he's too busy playing with Chica to even take the time to TRY...yes TRY and come to some sort of compromise!! Who the hell knows what's going through his mind except for tequilla and sex! Oh, and tans from Hawaii!

Then there's claviculawhatever. He has so many arms and each one has a different name on it. He can't even seem to figure out which one of the 18 people over there we should vote for. I'm sure he'll have many hanging chads!!

Majik....well, I just wasted several minutes of my life on that youtube video. Note to self: Don't ever watch majik's youtube videos!! Not to mention he's now making alliances with Tribster who, somewhere along the line of zombie mall stabbed me in the back after I offered favors for votes!

And Anubis just won't even return one of my pm's! I've no clue what I did to piss him off, but I'm sorry!! Really I am. Lets make up and be friends, k?

The only ones I seem to be able to talk to is DomCasual and Crushaholic! We have a great alliance going on. The rest of you just suck!
What kind of favors we talking here... some people may be inclined to respond to PMs for said favors...

Just sayin...
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