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10 awesome Hendrix-inspired trax (BW001)

"Mood Elevator", the awesome second studio disc from BURNING WATER (featuring axemaster supreme MICHAEL LANDAU on guitar), showcases 10 killer trax (49 minutes) of outstanding, powerful, dynamic, intense, bad-ass, bluesy, retro-70's Hendrix-inspired heavy guitar power trio grooves that will trip your brain hard. Michael Landau is one of the best guitarists in the world. Period. Definitely one of our favorite axemasters @ the Grooveyard. On the BURNING WATER: “Mood Elevator” disc, he waves his Hendrix-freak flag high with raw, gorgeous, passionate, brilliant guitar playing. His world class signature & explosive fretwork breathes fire with every note he plays. Michael Landau is an incredible technical monster with serious chops galore, tones & sounds, complete with an abundance of get-down, righteous Hendrix-ian bluesy feel. The man is a virtual modern-day white Hendrix. As an added bonus, and as tribute to Jimi, there is a passionate, deep, beautiful version of “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” found on the “Mood Elevator” disc. BURNING WATER also features brother Teddy Landau on bass, Carlos Vega on drums & David Frazee on vox, all incredible players in their own rite who add magic to the organic, retro-70’s bluesy heavy guitar power trio grooves. The band digs in deep to produce their best/heaviest disc to date.
The BURNING WATER: “mood elevator” disc is an awesome bluesy heavy guitar monster that is HIGHLY recommended to fans of JIMI HENDRIX (long live the musical spirit of JIMI), ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, S.R.V., ERIC GALES, DOYLE BRAMHALL, ERIC JOHNSON, JOE BONAMASSA, INDIGENOUS, CRAIG ERICKSON, BUDDAHEADS, LANCE LOPEZ, SKY HIGH & CLAS YNGSTROM, KAMCHATKA, PLANKTON and just about any other outstanding killer Hendrix-inspired axerippers who take their guitars into the next dimension.
The BURNING WATER: “mood elevator” disc is all about top-shelf bluesy heavy guitar rock that will satisfy even the most hard-core guitar freaks worldwide. If you heavily dig outstanding bluesy heavy guitar riffage, do yourself a favor and tune into MICHAEL LANDAU on the phenomenal BURNING WATER: “mood elevator” disc. A “must have” essential addition to your heavy guitar collection.

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