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Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
I knew who the mole was for seasons 1 & 2... now I have no idea.

Alright I'll come clean, I used to be the mole but i forgot my mole password. A some what embarrassing situation followed and OD revoked my access. It was an unfortunate mistake on my part... I had no idea that OD had a Lithuanian midget (sorry, little person) as his cousin.

I meant no disrespect.
All characters in this story are purely fictional and any resemblance they may show to any actual, factual people is pure coincidence (I.E. though Smalltowngirl resembles a pintsized Lithuanian circus freak she is not OD's cousin). The actions, events and sequence of events that comprise this story are completely fabricated and should they, in any way, resemble actions, events or sequences of events in any actual persons life, it is a mere coincidence. Thank you.

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