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Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
From my "Lonely Hearts PM Column"

Dear [deleted]. You aren't doing anything wrong. Most players in Survivor don't read their PMs because it spoils the suspense. Or maybe they are planning to kill you, and are going to pretend later on that they never got your PM. If I were you, I'd simply write again, with a threatening caption on your PM and a list of random targets.

Dear [deleted]. The proper Survivor etiquette, in a complicated situation like this, would be to accept the offer, gain the player's confidence, ask who needs to be killed, then forward the PM to the named victim.

Dear [deleted], The same way as what?


Dear [deleted] Falsely confess to all the others that you were the spy, beg their forgiveness and promise it won't happen again. Whichever one doesn't try to kill you at the first opportunity is probably the spy.
I've actually seen alot of theses situations
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