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Don't trade for a closer. There is so much turnover at the closer role during the year you can usually pick 4-5 off the scrap heap. I do it all the time.

I think the offense can do the job. I like your infield. You have some balance there with batting average guys (Ichrio, Polanco, Cabrera) and Bourn is a threat to steal 45-50 this year. I like the Tulowitzki, Longoria and Aaron Hill picks especially.

As for the starters, the depth is solid, I wish you had a few more NL starters at the top for ERA and WHIP purposes.

If I were you, I would trade a starter and one of your second tier hitters for a top five-to-six round, OF/1B/3B bat. Forget about closer. You will be fine with saves if you do your homework all season.

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