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Originally Posted by MechanicalBull View Post
He has two closers in Street and BJ Ryan. I agree that the outfied is hit or miss except for Ichiro. Starting pitching is real good and should rack up a lot of wins but I'd possibly look into trading one or two of those guys for a Bat. I don't know much about the catcher Soto on the Cubs but I heard Peter Gammons the other night and he was saying that Chicago is in love him with so I guess that is a good sign.
Soto should put up solid numbers.
As for closers, he really should try to get another. BJ Ryan is coming off a season ending injury, so thats a huge question mark. I think try to trade Wang and Andruw Jones for Matt Capps, Manny Corpas, or Bobby Jenks and an OF like Hunter Pence, Alex Rios, or Corey Hart. Maybe you can pull a trade like that off by offering well known guys for guys who aren't very well known.
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