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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc View Post
Has anyone said that Jack Johnson's -- as an aside, I love all the hyperbole with Johnson and his "nickname"; the kid hasn't won anything, be it at Michigan, World Jrs, and obviously the NHL -- hit on Smyth was dirty? No. The dirty hit was Klemm on Svatos. Nobody wanted retribution on Klemm because he's been a contributor to 2 Stanley Cup teams in Denver, he's not a dirty player, and the player he hit didn't go off on a stretcher.
Yeah he hasn't won anything yet, granted he is 20 years old and is logging in over 20 minutes of ice time for the Kings. JMFJ is going to be one of the best defenSeimian in the league for years to come. He is physical and is very gifted offensively too. So its a very rare combination for a D-man. I find the double standard funny here, Klemm is the one that delivers what one could call a dirty hit and no retribution but JMFJ delivers a clean hit and there is blood to be had.

As far as the fans chanting for Parker, good for them. Johnson knew he had to answer, even if it was a clean hit. He should be glad it was Lappy that went after him and not Parker (and that Blake stepped in). You hit a star player, even if it's a clean check, prepare to fight. Laperierre knocked Niklas Lidstrom out with a clean check last month and fought the Red Wings enforcer soon after.
Fans were retards after that hit, nothing more needs to be said. I'm all for retribution after a dirty hit but not after a clean hit and when the player that was cleanly checked risked himself to further injury by not using his chin straps properly.

Ryan Smyth has never had the reputation as a dirty player. Also, do you know what kind of padding goalies wear? Their ribs are protected against 90+ MPH slap shots, let alone a stick to the midsection. It was a fluke that LaBarbera got injured.
Smyth isn't an angel,I know he got into a fight in the Avalanche training camp. I've seen enough of Ryan Smyth to know he isn't a clean player.

Well thanks for that wonderful explanation of the injury...just a fluke...riiiigghhht.

You can stop with the chin strap bullish. Unless having a tight chinstrap protects one against a separated shoulder or broken collarbone, which is the rumored injury that's going to keep him out.
Well for now its a rumor and had he worn his helmet properly, he would have gotten up and skated to the bench and complained about his shoulder or whatever the rumor is.

Have you ever been to a Frozen Fury game in Las Vegas? Getting verbally harassed by Kings fans is an annual rite for Avalanche fans in Vegas. I'm quite happy the hear you got some harassment back. I think you've already mentioned karma a few times and this would apply to the treatment you received at the Pepsi Center.
Well for one, I wasn't bothering anyone and didn't say a friggin word about the hit. I was silent and clapped when he got stretched off with the hit. After that JMFJ didn't get a penalty and then the booing and harassment ensued. As if I somehow was involved in the hit.

As for Frozen Fury, Yes I have, about 3 times. I have to say though that bringing up Frozen Fury is a dumb argument. For one it is Vegas, 80% of the fans are going to be extremely drunk and stupid. So expecting otherwise like everyone holding hands and singing just wasn't going to happen. Fact is this was a regular season game and everything was fine up till that hit and that is when stupidity ensued.

Even if Quebec got back the Nordiques we'd still have big time NCAA hockey in Denver. Does USC or UCLA have a D1 hockey team? While we're at it, why don't we move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn and the Lakers back to Minneapolis. That way L.A. can claim no professional championships (unless you guys want to include your buddies from Anaheim
USC and UCLA has hockey clubs actually. Why do we have to move the Lakers and Dodgers out of LA? They actually have knowledgeable fans that actually know the rules of their respective sports. I understand it might be a rough transition for the Avalanche fans who previously pre-occupied their time watching Rodeos and whatnot during the winter.
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