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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Here the way I see it. If your player gets knocked out, whether clean or not, you want retribution. That's just the way it is. Why is 18,000 fans chanting "we want Parker" classless? They should want him. In my opinion, rubbing the Avs fans noses in it with your siggy is not cool. You are more then free to keep it, not that I can make you take it down, but, don't expect to make any friends with it.
Like I said before, it was a clean, yet, unfortunate thing. Just like the incident Chad spoke of. Per the NHL, Campbell's hit on Umberger was "not illegal" ( I still struggle to see the difference between an elbow and shoulder pad. I think the shoulder does more damage with the hard plastic pads driving into someone's face). The point is, the fans of a team who's player gets knocked out, whether clean hit or not, they want someone to pay.
You're siggy just adds fuel to the fire.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions. JMFJ made a clean hit, theres nothing borderline about it like you say with the Campbell hit. In fact it was impressive in the way he skated so fast to catch up to Smyth. Unfortunate that he got knocked out, but that's his fault since he risked himself by having those chinstraps loose. Like I told my avalanche friend,If you don't like the sight of your player getting knocked out from a clean hit, then go watch the ice capades.
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