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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i never said it wasnt a clean hit, it was, it was also unfortunate that smyth got injured, this reminds me of when brian campbell laid out rj umberger in the playoffs a few years ago, and while hes still motionless on the ice the crew in buffalo show the replay over and over, and the fans chear, another classy move.

big hits are good, they become unfortunate when the guy dosent get up tho, and to brag about takin somebody out is just classless, but then coming from a queens fan this shouldnt surprise anybody.
It was a clean hit, no big deal. I'm not cheering the injury, just the hit. Smyth wasn't bleeding from the neck or knocked out because of a dirty hit. He got the wind knocked out of him and should have tightened his chin straps and if he did he would have ended up like Frolov got hit the same way from Lappy and bounced right back up.
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