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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
video ?

i saw the smyth thing, hopefully hes ok, thats just one of those freak things that happens, what about this hit from behind? you do realize that it wasnt done by a flyer so no further action will be takin.
Svatos was going after a puck in the cross checked from behind by Klemm near the boards. At that point his left leg went a weird way, and he smashed into the boards. A penalty was called on the play, but Salei put the puck in the net.

I think the gripe with that call is that Klemm was only given 2 minutes. I think people were looking for a boarding, or an intent to injure penalty. Something more severe.

It's over and done with now, and the Kings still suck.
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