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What the hell is with people ripping on the Hossa trade? My god...It's EVERYTHING the Penguins needed. He's a great scoring winger to play with Crosby or Malkin for this year, where they could make a deep playoff run. Then, they have an opportunity to sign him to a contract suited to THEIR needs(They could give him a Frontloaded contract, a la Dany Heatley), before he hits FA, depending on how reasonable he is. It's a colossal gamble, but I think a gamble like this should be appreciated. Malkin and Staal aren't even RFAs until after the 09/10 season, so they could certainly resign the guy, and if he's as productive as he should be with Crosby or Malkin, then he'll probably see the good sense in resigning.

Laugh at their misfortune for him getting injured if you don't like the Penguins, but don't call it a stupid trade because he got injured.
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