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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Wow, everything in your sigy makes me want to puke.

Championship? I could never jinx my team that way. You got balls bro. I am just trying to remember the last team to win the Cup with an average to below average goalie. That's your major downfall.

If I were a Pens fan, I would try convincing myself that Shero has a deal in place too. Easier said then done. I just don't see the Pens paying 3 guys 8-10 million a year. Here's the thing, the market will dictate that both Hossa and Malkin will earn more then Cindy per year. Do you think that weasel will just sit there and not b**** when she is the 3rd highest paid player on the Pens? Honestly?
Like I said before, a team like the Wings, Av's, Rangers, Flyers, etc would have no issue because they will pay their players. Let's not play fantasy world here and act like the Pens are free spending.
The statements in bold, nullified your whole post. Being a little b****, is like what Ovechkin did by putting a clause in his contract he has to be paid more than Crosby, that's being a b****.
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