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Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post
Which is another reason i don't want him. Armstrong's on ice production can be replaced. Gary Roberts will eventually be coming back here & Crosby.

Eric Christiansen is a good face off man, a 3rd line center and is a good shoot out guy. But he's a long ways off from being a star.

Esposito & a draft pick are both "unknowns" - so i don't always judge that. We have guys in the system that i think are going to be decent. That's why i don't think it's "too" much. Rumor has it Esposito's "attitude" wasn't "appreciated" by the management.

ok so we kinda agree on hossa, espositos attitude is the reason he fell far enough for you guys to take him in the first place, remember he was a top 5 pick just a few months before the draft. that is alot to give up for somebody that you dont expect to have next year.
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