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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
you didnt see the interview with hossa then on tsn where he totally sidestepped the question when asked " will you talk contract with the penguins before july 1st"

he wants a shot a free agency, he knows a bidding war will get him 8 mill a year and there is no way the pens pay that, you dont get that much money from revenue sharing.
Which is another reason i don't want him. Armstrong's on ice production can be replaced. Gary Roberts will eventually be coming back here & Crosby.

Eric Christiansen is a good face off man, a 3rd line center and is a good shoot out guy. But he's a long ways off from being a star.

Esposito & a draft pick are both "unknowns" - so i don't always judge that. We have guys in the system that i think are going to be decent. That's why i don't think it's "too" much. Rumor has it Esposito's "attitude" wasn't "appreciated" by the management.

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