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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I can't believe they put my Pirates @ # 28.....laugh all you want, but I think that staff jells this year and Bay/Sanchez/LaRoache/Bastista/Wilson and even that lazy fat slug Paulino start hitting like they supposedly can.

Mark my words....this is the year the Buccos turn a corner and start building for real.
What do you think the Buccos should do with Stephen Pearce? He hit 31 HR in the minors last year and he has nowhere to play with Bay/Nady at the corner OF spots and LaRoche at 1B. Would you like to see them trade a corner to get better somewhere else?

What do you make of the glut of center fielders? Their top prospect Andrew McCutchen is a center fielder with more tools than a hardware store, but he needs more development time, hit .257 in Double-A last year. It seems like they want to hand the job to Nyjer Morgan who gets on-base, plays good defense and can wreak havoc on the base paths, he reminds me of Dave Roberts in many ways. But I think Nate McLouth is the better player of the two. He is a smart player who goes all-out and does a lot of things Morgan can do plus hit for power. McLouth just needs to bring his average up and cut down on some of his strikeouts.

The starting rotation is not the sexiest but it consists of some good command hurlers. It can get the job done if the Pirates score enough runs and the defense steps up.

BTW, the Reds are my sleeper in the NL Central.
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