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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i still hate him, and i still hate the shoot out, and while i think th eprospal deal was a good one, its not the one we needed.
I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for Danny after Saturday. I waited after the game with my so for autographs. Danny was the last one out and my son and I were the only one's left waiting. Danny took the time to joke around with my son. He also had a 5 minute conversation with me. I told him to keep his chin up and don't let the boo's get to him. he said something that shocked me. He said he doesn't blame the fans for booing. Danny said he needed to do alot more to help the team win. He also said that if he was a normal working guy who had to shell out $200 a game, he would boo to.
Danny was a humble, down to earth guy. Soft spoken, yet determined to get the job done. From here on out, he is now one of my favorite players. The whole story sounds corney, I know, but it is what it is.

I'm interested in finding out what you think is the deal we "need" to make
Is it a specific player or position? I like the Prospal deal. He should be immediately plugged in on the Briere line. Vinny has incredible vision and should be able to feed Danny. We will see how quickly the can gel. I think we need Defense but, defense is more of a system then a player. You can't just add the top defenseman in the league and all of a sudden become a defensive force. If the Flyers are seriously trying to win this year, adding one guy to the blue line won't make or break em.
I was kind of all around that deal huh? I was talking about Prospal and then said the Flyers would give up Picard and a pick for Boyle. I was So close.
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