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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
the cup win was the cause of the big contracts that are now criplling the team, richards signed his in 06, st louis signed his after the cup win in 05, not the result of the big contracts.
Still though, i don't think your team has an real identity yet. I think a few people need to leave IMO. Philly always has a strong and deep team, but each year there is always "something" missing. One year(more than not ), it might be goaltending (seriously, how does Philly "break" so many goalies?), or maybe the D isn't just up to snuff, etc. I think if you move briere for hossa, one good thing would be, you could dump the contract that way. Hossa has 1yr left (this year) - so you could look at it as a sort of buy out. That would be a positive.

As good as Hossa is, i would not want the Pens to go for him. With contract renewals for Staal & Malkin, and who knows what's going to happen with Fluery (i'm assuming a renewal as well), the pens are going to go in the direction of having a solid core, and adding role players.

The Flyers have some really good core talent. I think Hossa just isn't what identity your team wants to go in. Granted you have briere, but that's the types of things I mean when i opened with the "identity" of your team.

It's why i'm excited about things with the Pens. I mean crosby is what, 20yrs old. He's only going to mature. That's why i don't care about the "whiner" label. I figure right now he's pissy, but hell i was a prick when i was 20... so how can i fault that, ya know.

I like richards on your team - and i think Umberger is a good player too.

I also think the front office moves for your team were way over due. As a pens fan, i wished bobby clarke would GM forever (ala carl peterson). But really, to win a cup you need clarke totally out of your team's affairs. That's an outsider telling you this, not out of anything other than i think he ****s it up.

I think gagne should be kicked to the curb too. I think he's over the hill. I also wished Primeau would have played for another team, i could have liked him then.
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