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Gotta love Homer! He gets it. he is a Flyer through and through. If I had a direct line to Homer I would tell him.... DON"T BUY. Unless of course he gets young for young (ie Carter for Boyle).
We have to remember, most of the key guys on this team are either in their first year or only have 1 year under their belt (Carter, Richards, Umberger, Coburn, Randy Jones, Downie, Parent, Kuk's, Cote, upshall, Tolpeko, Ruzicka). Let's also not forget, this team has turned over their entire lineup from last season. This entire team, for the most part, is playing together for the first time. Add to that all the injuries the ENTIRE SEASON, and this team has had little to no time to gel. I'm not making excuses, just telling facts. We all know how important it is for each line to gain chemistry. The fact of the matter is, with the injuries, the lines have changed so much since day 1 that they couldn't possible retain any chemistry together.
That said, this has been a disappointing streak. As a season ticket holder, I never once expected us to make a Cup run this season. I was hoping for a playoff birth but after last season and all the change, that was a 50/50 proposition. 10 games ago, I would have called you an idiot if you said we wouldn't make the playoffs. That's where the disappointment lies. However, if you told me we would lose Downie, Gagne, and Lupul for the season, and Braydon Coburn and Hatcher, and Scottie upshall would miss a bulk of games together, I probably wouldn't have called you an idiot for saying we'd miss the playoffs.

Back to the point..... Homer, sell whatever you can. This team is poised for the future. Don't * * * * it up by trying to appease this fanbase by making a foolish deal. No need to push the panic button for 2007 when this team is set up for a 10 year run.
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