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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i would but i dont think upshall gets the deal done, if i was toronto i wouldnt do that deal. maybe upshall and a third.

i really think they had upshall with briere to try and showcase him to trade him, but i realy dont think hes enough to get a puck moving d man with a resonable price tag.

plus we would still have to clear cap room, so we gotta get hatcher off the books, and probally knuble or kapanen just to fit kabrele under.

dont see it happening, less we trade knuble for a pick then trade upshall and that pick to toronto.
I don't know. Upshall is a pretty good chip. I would throw in the 3rd rounder if thats what they held out for.

Kap's if a fan favorite yet has zero trade value. if you can't get anything for him, they should just keep him to keep the natives happy. Knuble is another story. I look at it this way.... the old saying is sell high buy low. Well, Knuble is a major reason why we were the #1 PP for virtually the entire year (now #2). Mike has 15 PP goals. That should make him very attractive to other teams. We all know he is useless on 5 on 5 because he has no stick handling ability and is slower then my grandmom on skates. When he is able to camp out in front on the PP, he is a beast.
I think you can find any big stiff to fill that role. Hell, throw Hatcher down there on the PP (jk, sort of). I think if we can find a trade partner for knuible, make the deal. i'm not even looking for much in return. Just getting his salary off the books is enough for me.
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