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White is in, yellow out

Shortly after he went down with a high ankle sprain in early December, Fleury got a letter from an eye doctor in Ottawa with charts and an explanation of why Fleury's signature yellow pads gave shooters an advantage.

Fleury listened.

Yesterday, before and during the morning skate, gleaming white new leg pads, blocker and glove made their debut.

"It's a big different look," coach Michel Therrien said. "I was wondering if we have a new goalie."

Fleury asked around and came to believe the theory that pads in white have the illusion of looking bigger than pads of the same size in darker colors.

"There's more and more goalies wearing white these days," Fleury said. "The guys tell me it makes it look a little bigger.

"It's weird, but it's not too much different."

Fleury said it takes "maybe two weeks if I practice every day" to break in a new set of pads.

Therrien hinted that Fleury might be ready to return before the white pads are broken in.

"He's getting closer and closer. We'll see after the weekend," he said.

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