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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
yup apparntly downie suffered a concusion last night, i dunno when, and tolpeko is listed as out 7-10 days.

bring on the senaturds

i cant wait to get to work tommorrow and listen to all the damn habs fans, thank god for ipod and ear plugs

Meh, the Habs aren't going anywhere anyway. So, they bust ur balls now, you bust their balls later. You'll get the last laugh. Besides, judging by this post, their fans are really dumb......

"I am glad Boullion made the Flyers pay for that hit to the head...I am almost 100% sure that will be reviewed by Colin Campbell and whoever laid that hit on Kosboobiesyn...I think it was Upshall? will be suspended...that was a ridiculous shot and the NHL is trying to get rid of that garbage. On a side note...LOVE how begin set the tone and gave whoever that was some frequent flyer miles!!! GO GO"

Wow, talk about bass ackwards! That was from the board you linked earlier. It was the game thread, post 67.
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