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Totally agree about the Begin hit. Whatever though. I guess we can add Tolpeko to the injury list as well. Why won't they call up Ruzicka? I gotta check out his contract. Tolpeka, and Greentree. Ruzicka is by far the best scorer on the Phantoms.
We are now out of the playoffs but I am not surprised. Why Stevens hasn't come under fire I have no clue. The guy's system blows. You can't play a "zone" D at even strength anymore. There's a reason we are grossly outshot every game.
I always thought it was a bad idea to have a passive coach with no experience coaching a bunch of inexperienced players. I'm rambling but I'm grasping here.

Oh yeah, and when did Guy Carbaneau become the Bill Lambeer of the NHL? Does that guy cry like that after every penalty called on his team?
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