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Coburn in, Lupol out and Downie out. (As I type, Richie just scored a SH goal to tie the game 1-1).

I hate this pattern. Last night we get Upshall back from a 2 week injury and lose Lupol. Tonight we get Braydon Coburn back and lose Downie. WTF!!!!!!!!

Lupol is in a cast with a high ankle sprain. Downie has an "upper body injury".

BTW Bronx, according to the Flyers website, the Flyers have 213 man games lost this season. With Gagne, and Lupol out indefinately, and the uncertainty of Downie's injury, that number will climb quickly. This blows.

We just have to find a way to stay competitive. Just don't fall to far out of the playoffs before the troops get back.
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