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On Briere. Everyone who thinks Danny Briere has been a waste of money needs to take a deep breath.

Of the top three free-agent centers available last summer - Briere, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez - only Gomez has found the right partners on the ice and is on the "plus" side, barely. It took a while for Gomez to achieve that with the Rangers. Both Briere and Drury have not found chemistry, and it's affecting their offensive numbers. Both are minus players.

Of the players who have earned millions of dollars, Briere is the least-defensive-minded center the Flyers have ever had, but the team knew that and accepted it based on his projected offensive numbers.

If Simon Gagne is healthy, this probably is a nonissue. Losing Gagne for much of the season has hurt Briere considerably. Briere should get a one-year pass.
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