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Add Lupol to the list of "wtf" injuries. Wow, they are swirling around the bowl right now. Briere is taking alot of heat from the not so kind Philly media.

There are a few positives right now though. Ryan Parent has looked awesome in his 2 games and Lasse Kukkonen has been great as well. I really think Kuk's is a top 4 defenseman on this team. I'm not sure why Stevens doesn't see the same.
Also, if the Flyers can just hang on and get in the second season, they have as good a chance as anyone in the east. I don't care who the 8 seed in the east is. Everyone of these teams has a chance.
Hell, it's better then losing 6 games in a row headed into the playoffs. Get the ugly's out of the way now.
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