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Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
I think they are VERY favorable with Arizona. I don't get the fascination behind the DBacks. They get rid of a stud closer in Valverde, and get a good #2, but thats it. Randy Johnson I don't think will have very much, if anything, left in the tank. And now they are they #1 NL team? I just don't see it yet.
#4 is a bit generous. The D-Backs did play over their heads last year as they were outscored by opponents during the regular season.

The young players are the fascination with the Diamondbacks. Chris Young, Stephen Drew, Conor Jackson, Justin Upton, Miguel Montero and Mark Reynolds are still in the growth stage of their careers and it's easy to assume a good number of them are only going to get better.

Valverde is a loss, no sugar coating that, but their bullpen has four quality righties in Brandon Lyon, Tony Pena (who is exciting to watch), Chad Qualls and Juan Cruz.

Here's a name to remember, Max Scherzer. A pitcher with the swagger, mindset and stuff to have a Jonathan Papelpon type of impact if Arizona slots him in the bullpen. I like him less as a starter, but he's tailormade to be a closer or two inning setup guy.

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