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Default First Power Ranking of the year...

Not only the Rockies nowhere near the top of the list, we are 10th overall, fouth among NL teams and they are #3 in the NL West. I ****ing hate the lack of respect we get!

MLB Power Rankings Week Of 02/12/2008
Rk Team Last Wk Rise/Fall High/Low Comment
1 Tigers 10 (+9) 1/10 No team had a better off-season, and for that reason the Tigers occupy the top spot. While trading for Miguel Cabrera dominated the headlines, the shrewd additions of SS Edgar Renteria and innings-eater Dontrelle Willis are what put the Tigers over the top. The biggest issues of spring will be staying healthy and figuring out where to bat Renteria, who after hitting .332 last season, is tentatively slated to bat seventh. Wow!
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2 Indians 2 - 1/6 Projecting the Tribe to take another step forward isnít hard when considering this is a team heavy on upside. Thereís no telling how good talents like pitcher Fausto Carmona, 1B Ryan Garko and SS Jhonny Peralta can become. And that says nothing about entrenched stars like OF Grady Sizemore and ace C.C. Sabathia. The biggest concern of spring is nailing down who will be the fifth starter.
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3 Red Sox 1 (-2) 1/6 The champs sat idle this off-season, retaining the talent on hand and shunning all opportunities to add outside help. Who can argue with that strategy when youíre already No. 1? That strategy worked until Curt Schillingís shoulder blew up before a spring-training toss was ever thrown. Now what? The rotation doesnít look overly strong and the offense certainly doesnít project better than those owned by the Indians, Tigers or Yankees.
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4 Diamondbacks 5 (+1) 2/14 The Diamondbacks may have arrived a year early last season, but thatís what often happens when thereís a boatload of endless upside on the roster. So what makes Arizona worthy of this ranking head into the season? Please consider that last yearís success was done primarily without Randy Johnson and with Dan Haren still in Oakland. Both will start the season as part of the rotation, which means the D-backs take another big step forward.
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5 Angels 4 (-1) 1/10 Fans had the entire off-season to project how big the Angelsí winning margin in the AL West would be. But all of that changed when the Mariners traded for Erik Bedard. Now things may not be so easy in the West. The Angels still deserve the nod simply because this is a team with very few holes and a solid mix of veterans and youth with upside.
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6 Yankees 3 (-3) 1/20 It was a surprisingly quiet off-season in the Bronx. The Yanks were mentioned in several potential deals, but unlike years past, nothing actually happened. The organization is doing the right thing by building from within now that the strategy of being the leagueís most active off-season team has proven futile. For a team thatís supposedly in transition, this season wonít be too painful.
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7 Dodgers 16 (+9) 7/18 This should be one of the most interesting camps to watch as Joe Torre and Co. get familiarized with what was a split clubhouse last season. There are also several position battles in key places, like third base where Nomar Garciaparra may not have enough left in the tank to fend off prospect Andy LaRoche. Another battle to watch is in the outfield where the Dodgers have Juan Pierre, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp vying for the two spots flanking Andruw Jones. And what about Jason Schmidt? There have been no setbacks in his return from shoulder surgery, but fans should keep their fingers crossed nonetheless.
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8 Mets 12 (+4) 2/12 Trading for Johan Santana has energized the organization heading into spring. Good thing, because the lingering effects of last seasonís collapse may have dominated the atmosphere otherwise. Instead, the vibe will be good and the biggest issue may actually be whether Pedro Martinez has regained his pre-injury form.
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9 Blue Jays 14 (+5) 9/26 If you view the glass as half full in Toronto, youíve got a team with a solid rotation, a major defensive improvement at third in Scott Rolen and a burgeoning superstar in OF Alex Rios. If itís half empty, then questions like Rolenís bat and closer B.J. Ryanís health keep you from thinking the Jays taking a big step forward. Weíre leaning half full, which means this is your AL dark horse.
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10 Rockies 7 (-3) 7/28 Like the Diamondbacks, the Rockies may have given fans an early glimpse last season of what to expect for years to come. The old style of thinking that pitching will ultimately do in the Rox has to be discarded. Although it would have been nice to see the team upgrade its rotation this off-season. Nonetheless, with a perennial MVP candidate like Matt Holliday and a rising star in Troy Tulowitzki, the Rockies remain viable contenders.
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