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I doubt Cicero had the plethora of music choices we have

Seriously though, check up on k.d. lang, ask your friends. She is widely - and I do mean widely - considered among the greatest of all female pop voices ... that means with the likes of Streisand, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and for my money Benatar and Ann Wilson. You might not care for her style or her music, but there is no denying the voice. That beautiful instrument is not subject to these vagaries of taste.

I think lots of things are just imprinted, based on life experience at the time, etc. For example, Peter Frampton's 'Frampton' album - the last studio album before 'Comes Alive' - was imprinted on me at a particular period in my life. I am aware that my love of it is not widely shared, but that really shouldn't matter. If it moves you, it moves you. Lang's "Ingenue" and it's brooding moody aura came along at a similarly impressionable time for me. Unlike 'Frampton,' 'Ingenue' won Grammys and was univerally praised by critics ... but that makes no difference to my appreciation of it.

Another example shared in here, "On the Loose" by Saga, a song I've played at least 100 times the past month and still play during workouts. My adrenaline explodes with that thing, and that's a good thing. Or right now I'm practically bawling listening to Orbison's "Oh Mama," even though I have little doubt 99% of those on this board would lose their lunch over it.

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