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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Trade: The Philadelphia Flyers traded Peter Forsberg, Kerry Huffman, Steve Duchesne, Mike Ricci, Ron Hextall, a draft pick they turned into Jocelyn Thibault, Chris Simon and $15 million to the Quebec Nordiques for Eric Lindros.

Date: June 30, 1992.

Outcome: Where do we start with this one? Lindros didn't want to play in Quebec, and basically forced the Nords' hand. In return, they received two serviceable defenSeimian, one of the most creative forwards of all-time, an agitator who played a big role in the Colorado Avalanche's initial success, and a goaltender that they packaged in a deal for Patrick Roy. Lindros had several great seasons in Philadelphia, but he never could deliver the Cup. This trade enabled the Avalanche to win two Cups within five years, with Roy leading the way. How can this not be considered one of the most lopsided trades in NHL history?
i love lindros on the ice, off the ice not so much, but i have always said that this trade is the reason the avs won the cup twice, i wonder if things would have been different if we gave into the then nordiques and gave them brindamour instead of forsberg, hes a good player and all just nowhere near as skillful as peter.

altho the trade i hate the most isnt really a trade btu a free agent signing, friggin cheaped out and saved 2 mil, instead of 6 mil on cujo went fot the 4 mil beezer, i still hate that, and that signing alone is why i hated bobby clark as a GM.
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