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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
I'll take a refund on that tuition please. There is no Ben Franklin statue in Philly. It's William Penn you nitwit. Talk about facts!

I have zero jealousy. I guess if Cindy played for the Flyers, I'd consider him the best too. He doesn't and my unbiased opinion is AO is the best player.

I'm still waiting for you to back you spew up. Care to elaborate on this gem of a statement... "proven fact that philly fans don't understand what greatness is".

Perennial choke artists? well, I guess that means we are in the hunt EVERY year as opposed to every OTHER decade. I always defend our Broncos by saying I am proud to cheer for a team and ownership that does ANYTHING they can to win every year. We all know it's impossible to win every year. Hell, sometimes we don't win the title in decades. All I can do is take pride in a dedicated organization.

Yep and i'll bet you that the Pens win a cup before the flyers do.
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