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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
No, I dont like Crosby because she is a crying lil b****. AO is great and I dont hate him at all. There are plenty of players that are great that I like.

I am dying to hear your "proven fact that philly fans don't understand what greatness is". Please entertain us withe the "facts".

Curse of Franklin? You sure about that? care to recheck your "facts"
ya, what happened after Philly built a building taller than the Ben Franklin statue? Oh yeah, and if you want to talk about success, i guess being a perennial choke artist is great! Not to mention, you've just illustrated how you let your own personal bias, remove any objectivity. But then, I guess having the best player in the world does cause some jealousy issues.....

Damn, you need to pay me tuition too.

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