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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i disagree pbn, brierre has been invisible all year, hes been getting points but i never notice him out there, except when he give sup the puck cuz hes afraid of getting hit, he needs to play with the heart of upshall, another little guy whos not afriad of anybody.
Sometimes I find myself saying "Where is Briere" when we need a big goal, so sometimes, I see what you are saying. However, Danny is 3rd on the team in goals (20) and 2nd on the team in assists (32). It's tough to be "invisible all year" when you take that into account.
I miss the days when we had Lindros. You knew when we were down by a goal late, he would take over and give us that late goal. If not, he would create enough space for Renberg or leclair to score. Primeau was the same. We don't have that. Hell, gagne isn't that guy either. The best player to fall back on is Mike Richards.
I love Scottie Upshall but I think he is on his way out. Somehow, he is in Stevens' doghouse (as is Lasse). i don't know why either player is in the doghouse. I think both could be great players. I know Upshall takes some dumb penalties but Stevens' needs to understand that Scottie is young and aggressive. Upshall will learn as time goes on. i just think it won't be in Philly. He was a healthy scratch a couple times this season and got moved down to the 3rd or 4th line a few times as well.
We'll see what happens when he's healthy though. It will be tough to get value for him while he's hurt if the Flyers plan on moving him at the deadline.
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