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Originally Posted by WABronco View Post
I'm slightly in favor of this move, as well. I hate giving up a potential core-player like Jones but adding Bedard is a huge move. Not only are we getting an ace-caliber pitcher, but we're ridding ourselves of yet another blackhole in the rotation. No Ho Ramirez. No Jeff Weaver.

Silva's no TOR but he's got a better chance of being average than those other two sucktards.
The age of the veteran outfield is the tough aspect of surrendering Adam Jones. Are there Mariners people and fans that like Wladimir Balentien more? Do you think he has much of a chance to win a starting spot in right with Raul Ibanez and Brad Wilkerson at the corner OF spots?

Mariners rotation?

1. Bedard
2. Felix
3. Batista
4. Washburn
5. Silva
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