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Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
Well, people were claiming about how great Andruw Jones is. The fact of the matter is, he has only hit above .300 once and 40 or more twice. I don't think he will help the Dodgers as much as people are thinking. I see him going back to hitting his usual .260 average, 30 homeruns self.
.260 with 30 home runs and above-average defense are what the Dodgers are expecting. Nothing wrong with that.

Originally Posted by jth1331
And the Dodgers, we don't know how some of their young players will play in the big leagues. I'm not saying they aren't talented, but I know of plenty players that I thought would be solid, but now are no where.
If you're going to knock the Dodgers for being unknowns, why not do the same with the Diamondbacks who are putting a lot of stock into Justin Upton, Stephen Drew and Mark Reynolds? My point being with the Dodgers having some young studs is they have room for growth. They aren't a stagnant club.

Originally Posted by jth
And you talk about their starting rotation. Lets look
Brad Penny - stud ace
Derek Lowe - solid #2, although inconsistent at times
Chad Billingsley - had a solid year last year, but has yet to come out and pitch a full year in the majors. Gives up a lot of baserunners, but seems to be on the right path
Hiroki Yuroda - no idea about him, we'll see how he does in the MLB
Jason Schmidt - how well can he rebound from a season ending injury last year at the age of 34?
Esteban Loiazia - 36 years old, only started 7 games last year and had an ERA of 5.79
I like the front 3 personally, but after that, there are unknowns. If Schmidt can regain his old form, then it will be a very solid rotation.

Front three is a solid foundation. A fifth starter is always a luxury so they need to find one more and I like their chances with the numbers they have that includes Clayton Kershaw. The Rockies are loaded, but their rotation is not the most stable part of the puzzle.

I am not even a Dodgers fan, but they are not in worse shape than the Rockies, D-Backs or Padres. They have as good of chance as anybody.
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