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im a little concerned after this weekends performances, coburn goes down, gagne left the game today with what is being called a mild concussion, upshall is out a week to 10 days, and nobody is stepping up, briere is being the little b**** that i thought he would be, he gets pushed off the puck far to easily, today was a perfect example, cindy goes down, mcfluerry goes down and malkin takes the team on his back, 4 points ? come on, whos carrying the flyers ? our 3 line scoring depth has dried up, everybody is cold at once. and everything is so close that a few bad weeks and your out of the playoffs looking in. That being said, currently sitting in 6th place in the east would get us either the capitals or the hurricanes, which would be about the best possible matchup, and easiest way into the second round.
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