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The Flyboys take over the East division lead. They are 1 pt ahead of Pitts and 2 pts ahead of the Devils. They still have a game in hand on both teams.
What an ugly game with the Kings. Was it post allstar game rust or playing down to the competition? I think both. Doesnt matter though as they get the win and 2 points. On deck... The LAST PLACE Rangers.

How shocking Chad.... The great Colin Campbell decides that Laraques hit on Downey did not deserve a a suspension. Nah, Colin doesn't have a hard on for the Flyers. Right! Does that dickless moron flip a coin to decide suspensions? Whatever. I guess knuckle dragger will have to pay on the ice. Thats the 2nd dirty play he has pulled on the Flyers this season. The first being Laraques pathetic attempt to cut Birons leg out.
I wanted to puke watching Stevens and Holmgren have to "watch their words" when asked to give their opinion of Campbells decision to not suspend Laraque. What a joke.

Anyway.... GO FLYERS!

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