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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I am sure at a Mane tailgate party, there will be something if this tends to stretch to football season.
IF!!!! don't underestimate the power of foneco. Some jokes get old (remember loose?) but foneco is the all power word like Sh*t or **** or dude. It is interchangeable, and therefore it is imortal- and we should all be proud of being able to say that we here on the mane were around at it's inception.

for instance...the economy is foneco'd. the realistate market is foneco'd. I haven't been Foneco'd in three days. When my stomach hurts I have to take a foneco. when I get inspired to get out of a rut, I am going to foneco up, when the broncos lose it's cause they foneco'd themselves, and when they win it's cause they foneco.

we should all make a commercial for the mane like those "dude" commercials for budweiser(or whatever beer that is) where we all use foneco in various situations.

anyway, that is all the foneco I am going to foneco on this foneco.
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