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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
There is nothing more exciting than beating the Giants and watching them finish in last place.


As far as the NL West goes I don't think there is another division in baseball right now with so many young up and coming stars. Every team in the division either already has already or is in the process of handing the team over to young, future All Stars. It is going to make for a pretty interesting pennant race in the NL West this year and for many`years to come.

As far as the Dodgers go, I'm thrilled to have Torre as manager now, I think he is a huge upgrade over Little. And I'm very excited to see the further development of guys like Kemp, Martin and Loney. And as always the Dodgers have a pretty deep minor league system, headlined by one of, if not the top pitching prospect in the minors right now in lefty Clayton Kershaw.

God I hope he lives up to the hype whenever he gets called up:
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